Who: Joyce Manor / Jacob / Neighbourhood Void
Where: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
When: Wednesday February 27th, 2019
Photos: Pat O'Hara (Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)

We wouldn't accept a million dollars to kill Joyce Manor – their show is just too bloody good.

The Californian faux-punks are currently tearing shit up on Australian stages in support of their career-defining fifth album – Million Dollars To Kill Me, out now via Epitaph – and if reports from those who caught them kick the run off in Sydney are to be taken seriously, they're as loud, lively and loose as they've always been, putting on a show that pitlords young and old alike can happily rock the f*** to. We sent our venerable photographer Pat along to the show (which was supported by two lovable lots of semi-local legends, Jacob and Neighbourhood Void) to confirm or deny whether such audacious assertions held weight.

The official verdict? Yep, Joyce Manor have still got it – and their opening acts were all kinds of rad. Suss the pics below (there's a massive, picture book-worthy gallery at the bottom there, too) for proof.

Click the link after the jump to see our full gallery of shots from Joyce Manor in Sydney!