Sydney Opera House, Sydney 05/01/18
Review and Photos: Britt Andrews (Facebook / Twitter / Patreon)

Gracing our shores for the first time since 2014 (and performing their first non-festival shows since 2011), Interpol played to a sold-out crowd at the Sydney Opera House as part of their Falls Festival sideshows. What transpired was an immersive experience for all those lucky enough to witness it.

Opening with "Pioneer To The Falls", a lone spotlight shone on a disco ball, bouncing light around the packed room. Daniel Kessler’s driving guitar lines were flawless throughout the whole set, as he moved in unison with the music, bathed in the stark blue light that drenched the stage. He was seemingly oblivious to the crowd in front of him, completely captivated with the music he was playing.

Not one for banter, each song blended almost seamlessly into the next, as Interpol pulled out the much loved tracks "Say Hello To The Angels" and "NYC". The set was an almost even split between their 2018 release Marauder, and their biggest albums, Antics and Turn On The Bright Lights.

As befits a performance in such a venue, the crowd was respectfully quiet during most of the show. There were no epic singalongs and no violent cheering – just a crowd enamored by what they were seeing on the stage. But all of this changed as soon as the unmistakable riff for "Slow Hands" hit. The first few notes were enough to pull every member of the crowd out of their seats, with the loud cry of, “Can you see what you've done to my heart and soul? This is a wasteland now” echoing around the concert hall.

"Slow Hands" finished, and Interpol left the stage to raucous applause, which continued until they came back out. Leaving the set on a high – and keeping the crowd on their feet – they finished the set with crowd favourites "Not Even Jail", "Evil" and "Obstacle 1". They left the stage knowing that there is still love in our hearts for Interpol, and we hope it isn’t another eight years before we see them here again.

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