Phil Ceberano has been working in the entertainment industry both locally and internationally for over 25 years as professional musician, entertainer, TV presenter, producer, song writer, musical director and composer. He is predominantly known for his musical achievements and is best known for his many successful years as Kate Ceberano's band leader, creative partner, lead guitarist, vocalist and co-producer and is regarded as one of Australia’s greatest guitarists. He is extremely respected within the music industry which enables him to bring together Australia’s most elite musicians for his many and varied music projects.

What drew you to becoming involved in with Experience Jimi Hendrix this year?

I love playing Hendrix music. This is such a unique situation to play with all these other Guitar greats, who wouldn't?

What’s your ultimate Hendrix record and why?

Electric Lady Land, I would lie on the floor of my bedroom in Balwyn where I grew up and it would take me to others places in my head. “Voodoo Chile (slight return)” and “1983 (a merman I should turn to be)” are stand out faves of mine. Hendrix's guitar tones from these studio sessions are killer.

What influence has Hendrix had on your own playing?

I've always been inspired by Hendrix's guitar playing and song writing. I've adopted his style of fusing blues and soul guitar into the pop and rock I play. I can totally hear Curtis Mayfield in his playing so I think the influence stream flows on. His lyrics are also very clever and jester like. I can relate to the jester vibe.

In an era where more and more guitarists are becoming technically proficient at their instrument at an early age what do you think it is about Jimi Hendrix’s playing style that’s so enduring?

Tone and feel. Proficient won't get you gigs. The flair, personality, style and communication in Hendrix's playing and songs is why his music still resonates today.

What tracks will you be playing and what was the process like of learning them?

I'm playing “Fire”, “Wind Cries Mary” and “Purple Haze”. I didn't have to learn them as I pretty much know most Hendrix tunes. The process; tune down a half step, listen at a low volume, feel and play. It never sounds Hendrixy if you think too much about it.

What artists on the bill are you looking forward to hearing tackle some Hendrix songs?

Tackle? That makes its sound like its going to be a Rugby match and I suppose some of these all star homage jams can turn out to be like and all in shit fight. This show on the other hand has musicians that are at the top of their game and are all excited to let the Hendrix music live and breath fresh and great unlike a Tribute band show. I'm really looking forward to playing with and hearing all these great guitarists do their thing in the Hendrix format

What is your amp, pedal and guitar set up for the night?

I'll be using my Fender Tonemaster 100 Watt head and an old 60's Fender 2x12 Cab. I can get all the tone I need from this amp it's a beast. My pedal board is the same one I've been using for years. It has all the standard stuff, Vox Wah, Blues Driver a couple of boosters, Delay/reverb and a mod pedal. It’s a common mistake of us guitar geeks to keep buying gear in search of the perfect tone. I'm guilty as sin of this. I've realised over the years that the search for someone else’s tone never ends, your own tone comes from inside you and comes out only when you speak through your instrument, not your gear. Obviously it helps to have a great amp and quality pedals. My guitars on the Hendrix gig are my 89 Strat Plus and an early 80's Japanese Strat.

What can punters expect from Experience Hendrix this year?

Punters should expect to be rocked, moved and taken on a sonic and visual journey into Hendrix world. I will be pulling out all the stops, Can't wait!





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