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While retaining the lowkey shoegaze chillness that’s come to define them since shedding their emo‐punk roots, LP4 sees Turnover dial up the liveliness with a groovier, more synthpop‐centric flavour.

The guitars are janglier, the bass thumpier and the keys more prevalent – warbly and distinctly disco‐esque, blending sweetly with Austin Getz’s palmy strumming. The frontman’s vocal game has been raised, too, ebbing and flowing between keys like it ain’t no thing.

Where dreaminess defined their last two records, Altogether is all about the party vibes; exploring twinges of funk, jazz and electronica in their path, Turnover have crafted a record that’s impossible to feel sad when put on. It’s like an antidepressant pressed on 12 inches of PVC.

Review by Sarah Comey.

Altogether is out November 1st via Run For Cover / Cooking Vinyl
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