The Sin And The Sentence

Trivium aren’t in the business of writing the same album twice, which has led to a recent output oriented towards classic rock with a more melodic tone. Though The Sin And The Sentence is still rooted in this contemporary style, huge chunks dive back into the Trivium known for high-energy blast beats, screams and wild, powerful solos.

It all sounds like a perfect culmination of their extensive evolution, but this approach doesn’t wind up doing them many favours, as the styles don’t seamlessly gel. On its own, newer melodic hard rock Trivium is headbang-inducing. Against classic speed and technicality, it feels miniscule, even when the band tries to turn it into something huge.

And sure, the album is big, but it’s often repetitive, chuggy and lyrically clichéd until it hits the back end and once again explodes into driving metal. There’s an inescapable irony to the fact that songs taking cues from the past feel like they’re pushing the boundaries much more than cuts inspired by recent records, but The Sin And The Sentence still manages to avoid mediocrity overall.

Review by Peter Zaluzny

The Sin And The Sentence is out now via Roadrunner
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