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Olympic Girls

The instrumentals on Olympic Girls are often so meticulous and mountain-esque that one listen is hardly enough to soak in every mind‑melting element at play. The woodwinds that hum under sharp acoustic plucks on the title track stand out around playthrough number three, and the strings that murmur and howl throughout will truly shine on your fifth spin of what is sure to be one of the standout folk-pop releases of 2019.

It’s still Hollie Fullbrook that takes the spotlight on LP3 – her sun‑bright noodling and raw, open‑hearted vocals intertwine with a creaminess and sweetness akin to honey and ricotta – but props are also due to guitarist Tom Healy, whose production here is nothing short of phenomenal.

Review by Sarah Comey

Olympic Girls is out now via Milk! / Remote Control
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