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Now That The Party's Over

Pillared on sharp, searing Tele hooks and soul‑melting loud-soft dynamics, the debut LP from the local emo trailblazers makes an easy case for why they’re set to rule the scene.

There’s an audible and honest sense of passion that Susan and co. revel in; the hurt and frustration on “Mutual Memory” and “Nice Bones” – the crippling worry on “R U OK?” and self-reflective regret that seeps through “If I Hurt You” – are as thundering and raw as the guitars that drive them.

And though as visceral and dark and painfully relatable as many of the cuts are, we can’t help but return to The Lazy Susans’ party – these songs are just so powerful and catchy, they’re impossible to escape. Repeat listens are a must (as is catching them on the upcoming east coast tour).

Review by Matt Doria.

Now That The Party's Over is out August 2nd via Resist
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