Narrative has always been a strong suit for MewithoutYou, but on their untitled 2018 album, the Philly post‑artcore mob have crafted their richest and most ravishing world of fantasy. Aaron Weiss’ poetically charged vocal gymnastics are mixed with the same dilligence as his bandmates’ input, a storm of howling reverb, crunchy distortion and earthquake-massive chugs weaving around and pinning down his impassioned cries.

As always, the fivesome play with their soft-heavy dynamics to an electrifying triumph; the vicious and chaotic opener “9:27A.M., 7/29” crams a full spate of post‑hardcore power moves in its brief two minutes, but equally weighty is the emotive and melodic “Winter Solstice”, which canters along with bright, layered percussion and melancholy-soaked guitars

Review by Matt Doria

[untitled] is out now via Run For Cover / Cooking Vinyl
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