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Restless Noise

Pulling its abundance of talent from Aussie punk staples like The Bennies (bassist Craig Selak), Apart From This (vocalist and guitarist Tim Maxwell) and The Smith Street Band (drummer Chris Cowburn), Restless Noise is an aptly titled, 17-minute tidal wave of fuzzy leads, roaring hooks and absurdly catchy choruses.

There’s nary a hint of the trio’s other projects on the EP, however; instead, Loser revel in loose, festival-ready grunge-pop à la ‘90s-era Rage highlights, amped up by distinctly modern production and a desperation to get stuck in your head. And with frettage as fiery as the wails on lead single “Phase Me”, it’s clear they’ve succeeded. Ditto for the soul-warming layered vocals.

Review by Matt Doria

Restless Noise is out now via Domestic La La
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