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A Different Shade Of Blue

For not so much as a second does this venomous onslaught of down‐tuned hardcore let up. The authentic ire that Bryan Garris and co. revel in is colder and more callous than ever on LP2, each track slamming into the breakdowns like a truck into a Prius; listening on high volume may be terrible for your hearing, but goddammit, the record demands to be blasted.

38 minutes zip by with plot twists aplenty – there are 12 tracks to lend your mind into, but densely layered beyond the usual riffs and roars, there’s a million chances to have it blown by industrial quips and experimental shake‐ups. Knocked Loose are touring here in December; if this album gives us any indication of what to expect, then may God have mercy on our souls.

Review by Sarah Comey.

A Different Shade Of Blue is out now via Pure Noise / Sony
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