Ugly Produce
EVP Recordings

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and a new album from Melbourne grindlords King Parrot being as ball-tearingly heavy as an elephant on steroids, charging at you at full speed in the wall-of-death from hell. Delightfully apt in its title, Ugly Produce is a very meat-and-potatoes affair, but one that manages to feel fresh amidst a rising class of imitators.

Ari White and Andrew Livingstone-Squires are consistently ruthless in their string abuse, trading sour chugs and whistling solos to their cold hearts’ content. Slathered in excess over the band’s signature flippant lyricisms, gnashing drums and bass tones from Wayne Slattery that pulse with a bloodcurdling sexiness, the pair make LP3 one beautiful mess of noise.

Review by Matt Doria

Ugly Produce is out now via EVP Recordings
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