In The Drink

The debut solo album from one of pop‑rock’s most inimitable voices is short, sweet and, in true Justin Courtney Pierre style, ridiculously fun. The ex-Motion City Soundtrack frontman dives deep into his nostalgic influences, hints of everything from Weezer to Pavement shining through in this ‘90s power-pop fever dream.

And though fans of MCS will find that Pierre still plays to a lot of his old strengths, there’s a newfound looseness to the way he throws youthful hooks, gurgling basslines and lashings of crumbly distortion at the wall; like he’s not trying as hard to impress us, but by proxy, impressing us more than those last few pre-hiatus records did by a long stretch. All that’s needed now are some hyperactive live shows to match!

Review by Sarah Comey

In The Drink is out now via Epitaph / Cooking Vinyl
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