What Happens Next

Enduring guitar master Joe Satriani set the benchmark for instrumental music in the late ‘80s. LP16 is another leap, with this outing bolstered by the impeccable rhythm section of veteran funk rock bassist Glenn Hughes and the powering groove of drummer Chad Smith.

Virtuosity is naturally prevalent, but exists within concise song structures filtered through the experienced sonic skills of engineer Mike Fraser’s crisp mix. Highlights include the urgent feel of opener “Energy”, the soaring technical grandeur of “Thunder High On The Mountain”, the almost experimental “Cherry Blossoms” and the legato boogie of “Headrush”. There are also expressive improv sections in the latter part of the album – especially on the Hendrix-inspired “Forever And Ever”.

The album rewards old-school fans whilst adapting new sonic textures to evolve without sacrificing creativity.

Review by Paul Southwell

Whatever Happens Next is out now via Sony
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