Mind Games

It doesn’t take a uni degree to surmise that Australia has the best burgeoning pop-punk scene right now. Outfits like Trophy Eyes and Columbus have cemented their mainstay statuses with massive international breakthroughs, and the next kids in line to do the same are Fearless rookies Eat Your Heart Out. At a tight 20 minutes long, Mind Games is a solid intro to the Novocastrian easycore quintet.

Guitars (courtesy of Andrew Anderson and Will Moore) are strong, if often forgettable: the two play to the strengths of pop-punk greats before them – cleanly produced, but with a toothsome chunk that punches through the mix – but rarely innovate or drive any truly stunning riffs. “Landslide” is a sharp exception, though, its nostalgia-fuelled lead riffage searing and unlawfully sticky. It’s frontwoman Caitlin Henry that keeps everything tied up in the end; if there’s a hint of falter in her forcible vocal melodies, it certainly didn’t make the final cut. “Better Late Than Never” stands out, her accented quips dipping and diving with merciless strength over a choral sea of shredding.

Review by Matt Doria

Mind Games is out now via Fearless / Caroline
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