Good Citizens

Her fourth album of fierce and fastidious mind‑melters, it’s as apparent as ever that Cash Savage can do no wrong. At a tight nine tracks, Savage and co. use Good Citizens to cut right through the bullshit, taking listeners on a rollercoaster ride over waves of dry, goosebumping melancholy and sharp, acerbic wit from the moment “Better Than That” bleeds in with its first ear-pricking plucks. A slow‑burner, layers of gruff guitars and glassy fiddle seep with a dark humanity. It’s in the brighter cuts that the LP makes its most lasting impact – the pit-ready “Humans” and Courtney Barnett-ish “Pack Animals” – but we’d be remiss not to also highlight the darker slithers of Savage’s mind, like the heady “Sunday” and the winding, gut-punching title track. 

Review by Matt Doria

Good Citizens is out September 21st via Mistletone / Inertia
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