Welcome To The Neighbourhood

Much like its cover art, the English emo-punks’ second LP is dark, dramatic and doused all over with an alchemistic complexity. Tightened evermore by the dense soundscaping of producer/magician Mike Sapone, the band are impossibly tenacious on Neighbourhood – frontman Henry Cox wields an ungodly amount of swagger with his slick and smoky vocal runs, axemen Ash Wilson and Mike Cunniff wreaking absolute havoc with their six‑strings behind him. It’s the latter’s brother Dan who steals the show, however, his bass work driving tracks with a sharp edge that cements the no-f***s ethos Boston Manor build their concept on. It’s an album that beggars repeat listens, its labyrinthine dynamics unravelling more with each new spin.

Review by Matt Doria

Welcome To The Neighbourhood is out now via Pure Noise / Sony
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