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Try + Save Me

The Melbourne‐native pop goddess has always shone with a head‐tilting hodgepodge of manic electronica and downright chaotic vocal melodies, but on her (long‐overdue) debut album, Bec Sandridge warps us to a whole new dimension of bright and brilliant eccentricity.

Guitars are notably subdued here, but not to a fault: rather, Sandridge uses them as one cog in a much larger machine of instrumental intricacies – the mustard in this Sandridge sandwich, if you will.

Twisting around a kaleidoscope of sonic and exploring lyrical themes of heartbreak, mental health and queer liberation, Try + Save Me is a retro‐tinged fever dream you won’t want to wake up from.

Review by Matt Doria.

Try + Save Me is out now independently
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