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Rival Minds

Sydney thrashcore titans Bare Bones have long reigned over the city’s underground, but with their slick and spicy new set of mosh anthems, we predict a crack into the mainstream on their horizon.

Drawing on classic metal techniques to dole their punkish ferocity a tasty dose of swagger, the five‐piece shine with motley layered guitars, tearing basslines, and screams that teeter back and forth between mildly destructive and downright deadly.

It’s a clear step up from their 2017 debut (which, mind you, was fantastic) – heavier and harder‐hitting, yet more experimental and melodically resonant, LP2 sees Bare Bones master their genre‐bending idiosyncrasy to a T.

Review by Matt Doria.

Rival Minds is out November 1st via Resist
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