Happy Friday, dear reader! How was your week? Chaotic? Stressful? Keen to crack open a cold one or 12 and mosh your sorrows away for the weekend? Well, you're in luck – Brisbane punk lords Being Jane Lane have a ripping (and surprisingly optimistic) new single for you, and if you hail from the Sunshine State yourself, your Saturday moshery is sorted.

Their second single for 2019, following the absolute scorcher that was "Less Is More" back in February, "Be Okay" is a rollicking three minutes of classic '90s-esque punk-pop perfection – an ode to kicking through the shit times with your head raised high, and a bloody catchy one at that. Both singles are pulled from the band's forthcoming debut album, Savage Sunday, which is set for release later in the year. 

As the band gear up to close their "Be Okay" headline tour with a wickedly massive hometown show (which is going down tomorrow, so if you're in Brisbane and quite partial to a cheeky bit of punk rock, get amongst it), we caught up with them to get the lowdown on why 2019 well and truly is the year of Being Jane Lane.

How's the tour been going so far?
The tour has been awesome so far! We're down to the last show in Brisbane, which is going to be the most exciting one, we think. It’s hard to say what the highlight of the tour has been – every state we went to had a rad turnout and a good time was had by all.

How did the idea for “Be Okay” come about to begin with, and what's the message behind it?
"Be Okay" was written by our singer [Teigan Le Plastrier] on an acoustic guitar, and she bought it to the band for us to embellish. It’s basically about wading through the hard times in your life with an understanding that everything will ultimately be okay, and you should never give up.

What makes this track the perfect follow-up to “Less Is More”?
I don’t think there was much thought put into why we were releasing this as our next single, so it probably isn’t the perfect follow up [laughs]. We just wanted to release this one because we like it, and it was done. There’s no link between them, either – they’re very different musically and thematically... Maybe that might confuse people into enjoying it more [laughs].

Are these two songs part of a bigger release we can expect to get our ears around in 2019?
Both of these tunes will be on our upcoming album, Savage Sunday, which we hope to release in the next couple of months. We're working on a loose deadline, which is giving us time to get the songs right rather than just rush to finish them by a certain date. We decided to release a couple of singles as we went along to keep the momentum up.

How do you see this record taking Being Jane Lane to the next level?
I think this album is about us learning to create and communicate better as musicians. We changed drummers since we released our EP, so the dynamic between us has changed, and we think the music will be a testament to that. We don’t have any real ‘next level’ goals at this point – we just hope more people enjoy what we're doing, and in turn, wanna come to see us jump around and be idiots onstage, and have some fun with us.

There was a little while there where we didn’t know if Being Jane Lane was ever going to release any new music. What took you guys so long to get back into the studio!?
We like to take our time and not rush things. It's also hard to get everyone together between our jobs and commitments, and we live pretty spread out. For our EP, we kinda wanted to do it all right there and then, which ended up being somewhat detrimental to the music and achieving what goals we had for ourselves. This time, we want to get it right, rather than right now.

When it came to bringing this absolute banger to life, what guitars were you wielding in the studio, and what amps and effects were you going through?
For "Be Okay", our lead guitarist [Phoebe Chim] used a Jim Root signature Telecaster with an Emerson EM-Drive and a delay pedal through an Orange Terror head (also a Jim Root signature). Our rhythm guitarist Kate used her Gibson SG Voodoo, and for pedals, she used a Tube Screamer and an EM-Drive. Her amps were a Mesa and Marshall head doubled up. Louie, on bass, plays a Sqiuer Dimension with no pedals through an Orange Crush bass amp. 

How about onstage? What does your live rig look like?
Pretty much the same, except the girls use noise suppressors live to keep their squealing to a minimum, and Orange cabs and heads. 

Do you have a go-to guitar at the moment?
We all have our guitars that we're most comfortable with. We have experimented with different ones for recording, but y'know, you just play better with your own guitar. Kate has a nearly brand new Fender guitar, but always comes back to the SG. Louie has used different basses including a Fender Jazz, but the Dimmension just stole her heart from the first strum. 

Anything else you wanna say to the readers of Australian Guitar?
We love doggos, and Kate is the bowling queen of our band. Oysters are an aphrodisiac – go oysters!

Being Jane Lane
Tour Dates

Saturday April 13th - The Foundry, Brisbane QLD
Friday April 26th - Heya Bar, Brisbane QLD (with Sleep Talk)
Friday May 3rd - Crowbar, Brisbane QLD (with Totally Unicorn)
Saturday June 22nd - Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast QLD (with West Thebarton)

Tickets are on sale now via bandsintown.com