We're officially in the home stretch: the 2019 edition of the iconic Yours & Owls festival is right around the corner – ICYMI (how!?), it's going down on the long weekend of October 5th and 6th in the idyllic beachside hotspot of Wollongong's Stuart Park – and as the event (lovingly branded by locals simply as "the fezzie") creeps up, we're taking a deep dive into its maniacally massive lineup. 

Alongside scene-defining luminaries like Courtney Barnett, Amy Shark, Frenzal Rhomb and Bass Drum Of Death (amongst an Illawarra-sized avalanche of others), there's a stack of up-and-coming acts that are sure to fill your schedule with good vibes and even better tunes. And in the lead-up to this year's fezzie, we're getting to know a bunch of them. 

In this edition, we go head-to-head with the Darwin-native hardcore hellions in Tapestry

Who’s in your band, what do they play, and what’s their secret superpower?
Tapestry are a five-piece collective made up of Tom Devine-Harrison on vocals, Benjamin Masters on drums, Connor Askham on bass, and Luke Dorward and Darcy Grant on guitars. I (Darcy) don’t know about secrets, but I’d say as a collective we all bring out the best in each other, which in itself could be considered a superpower.

What’s your latest release, and why should people stop what they’re doing right now and check it out?
Our latest release is our sophomore EP, Ghost Of Me. It’s an emotional journey that shares our experiences with grief and loss, and hopefully helps anyone who listens to it find solace, knowing that they aren’t alone. We’ve always strived to do something a little different, and I think you’ll find that throughout the EP.

What are you most looking forward to getting up to at Yours & Owls 2019?
We’ll be hanging out, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the abundance of live music. We will definitely be sinking a couple of cold ones. Coming from the Northern Territory, we don’t often get the opportunity to attend music festivals.

What can punters expect from your performance at the fezzie?
This will be Tapestry’s first show since relocating to Melbourne, so punters can expect to see loads of energy – the band will be refreshed and hungry to perform. We may or may not be playing something special for Y&O, but you’ll have to come down early and see for yourself.

When you’re playing a festival like Y&O, what does your pre-set ritual involve?
We don’t really have a pre-set ritual. We psych each other up and get focused on putting on the best performance we can and above all, enjoy it.

If you could have a guest spot in the set of any other band on the Y&O lineup, who’s set would you crash, and what song would you tackle together?
To get up for a guest spot with Ocean Grove would be insane! Myself and the lads love that band, and are pumped to be able to catch them at Y&O. Definetly would be keen on getting up for "Intimate Alien".

What would you say is the key to having the best time at a festival?
The key to having a solid time at a festival is the company you have with you. Being around your friends, jamming out to your favourite bands and sinking a few frothies! Survival tips: know your limits, food and water are your friends, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

What guitar(s) are you playing on at the moment?
At the moment I’m mainly playing a Fender Cabronita (Slimline Telecaster). It feels great, and it's a bit different from what you might normally see with our style of music. I also play a Jim Root signature Telecaster with upgraded pickups.

Let’s go way back: what was the first guitar you bought, and what was it about that guitar that reeled you in?
The first guitar that I bought was an Ibanez SA. From the start, I have always been a fan of light and slim makes. The capability suits any style of music, and the SA really pulled me towards playing similar makes. 

What’s does the rest of your rig look like?
I run a Kemper and the Kemper remote pedalboard. It's real quick to set up, and allows me to achieve some beautiful tones and effects.

If you could design the ultimate guitar, where nothing is impossible with it, what would you put on it? 
The ultimate guitar for me would be a Fender Powercaster. I’d include a warn vintage finish, an Evertune bridge, a P-90 in the neck and a hot-wound Gibson USA 84T-LM in the bridge.

Anything else you wanna say to the readers of Australian Guitar?
Support your local music scene. Our fanbase has been our main source of exposure, and we really appreciate every single fan we've made along the way. 

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Yours & Owls 2019

Amy Shark
Courtney Barnett
Golden Features
Hot Dub Time Machine
Angie McMahon
Love Fame Tragedy (UK)
Meg Mac
Sneaky Sound System
Vera Blue
Baker Boy
Bass Drum Of Death (US)
Eves Karydas
Frenzal Rhomb
Fucked Up (CAN)
Kira Puru
No Mono
Yumi Zouma
The Beths (NZ)
Blank Realm
The Delta Riggs
Die! Die! Die! (NZ)
Genesis Owusu
The Gooch Palms
Spacey Jane
Ocean Grove
The Pinheads
Totally Unicorn
West Thebarton
A. Swayze & The Ghosts
Georgia June
The Lazy Susans
Low Life
The Nights
Pacific Avenue
San Mei
Burn In Hell
Ducey Muncs
Fait Accompli
Friday Park
Hope Town
Husband Wants A Wife
Legal Aliens
Lemon Row
Orange Passiona
Sam Allen
The Bungalows
The Fangin' Felines
The Hints
Tuff Mustard

Saturday October 5th + Sunday 6th
Stuart Park, Wollongong NSW

Tickets on sale from yoursandowlsfestival.com.au