Making its way back to the Caulfield Racecourse for its fifth consecutive year, the Melbourne Guitar Show is eyeing August 2019 off like a dog eyes off its dinner. Poised to be its biggest and best jaunt yet, this year's show – kicking off across the weekend of August 3rd and 4th – promises a (quite literally) jam-packed lineup of performers and exhibitors, with an emphasis on getting punters hands-on with the enormous array of axes on show.

In the lead-up to this year's Melbourne Guitar Show, Australian Guitar is going full steam ahead on the hype train. Every Tuesday and Friday, we'll be going head-to-head with one of the top-notch fretboard warriors making their way to the show, in the pursuit of getting to know a little more about who'll be melting out minds when they take to the stage. In this edition: Michael Dolce

With how much Michael Dolce has on his plate at any given moment, it’s a marvel that the Italian-Australian virtuoso even finds the time to sleep, let alone continuously find new ways to invigorate his guitar playing. Best known for stunning millions each night as a house guitarist on The Voice, Dolce hosts lucrative workshops and masterclasses all around the world (tickets to which routinely fly out the door), and is a certified ambassador for a slew of world-class brands like Ibanez, Fractal, Tasman Acoustics, GHS Strings and Hawk Custom Picks. His touring portfolio is also insane, shredding up a storm on the road with superstars like Delta Goodrem, Kelly Rowland, Keith Urban and Lionel Richie.

What are you most looking forward to about the 2019 Melbourne Guitar Show?
Meeting my fellow guitar slingers from all corners, and meeting new players.

Why do you think events like the Melbourne Guitar Show are so important for guitar lovers?
Attending the Melbourne Guitar Show brings inspiration to me and players of all levels.

What can punters expect from your performance at the Melbourne Guitar Show? Do you have any exciting surprises or curveballs up your sleeve?
Heaps of playing, and insight into what I do.

What are you most excited about in the guitar world right now?
I feel like the guitar has sprung back in a big way since the '80s. There’s a similar community of players that shrive to pursue their best. Unlike the '90s – I struggled through the '90s, when no shredding was allowed!

What innovations would you like to see companies take with the guitar in the near (and distant) future?
I’m happy with modern technology and amp simulation. I would be happy if it stayed this way for a long time.

What guitar(s) are you playing on at the moment? Do you have any particular go-tos or favourites?
I'm currently endorsing Ibanez guitars. I also play Charles Cilia's guitars on The Voice.

Let’s go way back: what was the first guitar you bought, and what was it about that guitar that reeled you in?
My parents bought me a Fender Musicmaster – all white with a black scratchplate. Then I saw Hank Marvin holding a Burns guitar – I wanted to be Hank, so thats what I wanted.

What’s does the rest of your rig look like?
Heavily Fractal Audio-based.

If you could design the ultimate guitar, where nothing is impossible with it, what would you put on it?
Check out Cilia Guitars. I’ve had the pleasure of having Chalres build me 15 guitars, and every one of them is a dream design.

Who are your favourite up-and-coming guitarists? Anyone we should be keeping an eye on?
I love any player that brings their own voice to the instrument.

Melbourne Guitar Show 2019

Performing lineup:
Keith Morrow
Dennis Jones
Ash Grunwald
Sarah McLeod
Dave Leslie
Lloyd Spiegel
Stars (ft. Mal Eastick, Nick Charles and Roger McLachlan)
Minnie Marks
Phil Manning
Anna Scionti
Chris Finnen
James Norbert Ivanyi
Cartridge Family (ft. Sarah Carroll and Suzanna Espie)
Jeremy Barnes
Simon Hosford’s Fair Warning
Michael Dolce
James Ryan
Charlie Bedford
Shannon Bourne

Saturday August 3rd + Sunday 4th
Caulfield Racecourse, Melbourne VIC

Tickets on sale via