On the aptly titled Boneshaker, hard-rock hellions Airbourne kick the energy up a notch by stripping it all back.
Walk The Sky may be Alter Bridge's shortest album in over a decade, but rest assured, it's a monumental slab of career-spanning alt-metal craziness.
On the booming and bubbly Miracle Pill, the Goo Goo Dolls are a far cry from the scuzzy rockers and lovelorn tragics that sang their pain out in "Iris".
We ask AVICAL's Mick Peaker about the benefits of calibration, and whether the move to 4K and HDR has changed things.
There's something about nu-metal that people just can't seem to shake. It still affects Korn, too.
While retaining the lowkey shoegaze chillness that’s come to define them since shedding their emo‐punk roots, LP4 sees Turnover dial up the liveliness with a groovier, more synthpop‐centric flavour.
With three of Australia's most venerable singer-songwriters at its helm, Dyson Stringer Cloher is here to make indie-rock history.
Sydney thrashcore titans Bare Bones have long reigned over the city’s underground, but with their slick and spicy new set of mosh anthems, we predict a crack into the mainstream on their horizon.
Three decades on, Ian Moss' debut solo outing remains a cornerstone of Australian rock and pop culture. Matt Doria riffs with the Alice Springs icon on the album's 30th anniversary celebrations, what's next instore for him (and, of course, Cold Chisel), and his particularly peculiar guitar collection.
Fuelled by catharsis and a drive to push themselves in a bold new direction, feminist punk luminaries Sleater-Kinney make LPX their biggest head-turner yet.
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