Australia’s longest running large-scale Led Zeppelin homage concert, ‘Whole Lotta Love’, returns to Sydney’s prestigious State Theatre for one night only on Saturday August 23, following two intimate shows at The Laycock St Theatre in Gosford on Friday August 15 and Saturday August 16.

Australian Guitar gets the lowdown on the Aussie guitarists stepping into Jimmy Page’s shoes

Matt Smith

Tell us about your involvement with Whole Lotta Love?

I got a call from Joseph a couple of weeks ago to ask if I would join the band for the show. I must admit I haven't been involved in a lot of these types of productions. But given it’s Led Zeppelin and such a great bunch of guys I jumped at the chance.

What’s your ultimate Led Zeppelin record and why?

When I was a kid I found Physical Graffiti amongst my parents’ record collection. My brother and I listened to it over and over. We were both learning to play the guitar at the time so we started taking some of the riffs off that record.

How has Jimmy Page influenced your playing?

There is a certain loose-ness about his playing that I love. It's very care-free and honest. I've been trying to harness some of that lately.

In an era where more and more guitarists are becoming technically proficient at their instrument at an early age what do you think it is about Jimmy Page’s playing style that’s so enduring?

Jimmy page makes the guitar sing. Whether he is playing a simple riff or bending one note there is a lot of feeling in the music. There are a lot of guitar players around who can play fast and fly up and down the neck with great technique, but very few who can play with the sort of emotion that JP can.

What tracks will you be playing and what was the process like of learning them?

There will be a whole lot of well known tracks and some more obscure stuff I'm sure. I haven't started learning any of them in detail yet so I'll keep you posted.

What artists on the bill are you looking forward to hearing tackle some Zeppelin songs?

I caught one of Simon Meli's gigs recently and he was killing it so it's gonna be good to rock out with him!

What is your amp, pedal and guitar set up for the night?

I will be using Vox amps. Either 1 or 2 AC 30 combos. My custom made Tele, 79 Strat and 64 SG Jnr.

‘Whole Lotta Love’ will again recreate the magic and mystique of Led Zeppelin with guest vocalists: Jack Jones (Southern Sons) Simon Meli (The Widowbirds) Amy Findlay (Stonefield) Jimmy Cupples (The Voice) Zkye Joined by a 9 piece band featuring some of the country’s best rock musicians under the creative direction of Joseph Calderazzo (guitars), and also including String section lead by Adrian Keating (principal violinist –‐ Opera Australia), ‘Whole Lotta Love’ will traverse the back catalogue of the biggest band in rock history.

‘Whole Lotta Love’

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Friday 15 & Saturday 16 August – Laycock Theatre, Gosford Tickets:

$50 – $55 from laycockstreettheatre or 02 4323 3233

Saturday 23 August – The State Theatre, Sydney Tickets:

$89.90–$149.90 from ticketmaster or 136 100