We all know that for the last 25 years, Bluesfest has been one of the best things to happen live music to Australia. We also know that one of the best things about Bluesfest is all the stuff we don’t yet know – it’s a goldmine for music lovers nationwide. This year, Australian Guitar Magazine is going to take you on a journey through the best that the festival has to offer – and all of the undiscovered musical gems hidden within. Get your Bluesfest knowledge up to date right here. Class is now in session!

Bluesfest is proud to present SUZANNE VEGA in her first ever Bluesfest appearance.

With classics and unforgettable songs such as Luka, Marlene On The Wall, Caramel (from the movie: ‘Cats and Dogs’), Solitude Standing, Woman On The Tier (from the movie: ‘Dead Man Walking’), Left Of Centre and Blood Makes Noise, Suzanne Vega is widely regarded as “one of the most brilliant songwriters of her generation,” (Biography Magazine)

”Suzanne Vega gave the packed audience exactly what they wanted ... perfection !”

Suzanne Vega emerged as a leading figure of the folk-music revival of the early 1980s when, accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, she sang what has been labelled contemporary folk or neo-folk songs of her own creation in Greenwich Village clubs.

Since the release of her self-titled, critically acclaimed 1985 debut album, she has given sold-out concerts in many of the world’s best-known halls. In performances devoid of outward drama that nevertheless convey deep emotion, Suzanne Vega sings in a distinctive, clear vibrato-less voice that has been described as “a cool, dry sandpaper- brushed near-whisper” and as “plaintive but disarmingly powerful.”

Bearing the stamp of a masterful storyteller who “observed the world with a clinically poetic eye,” Suzanne’s songs have always tended to focus on city life, ordinary people and real world subjects. Notably succinct and understated, often cerebral but also streetwise, her lyrics invite multiple interpretations.

In short, Suzanne Vega’s work is immediately recognizable, as utterly distinct and thoughtful, and as creative and musical now, as it was when her voice was first heard on the radio over 20 years ago.

Along the way there have been creative collaborations with Leonard Cohen, The Black Keys, Jerry Garcia, Soul Rebels Brass Band, Joe Jackson and Bill Frisell whilst her music has been sampled or covered by the likes of Tupac Shakur, REM, Nikki D, Will Smith, Destiny’s Child, Ludacris and Lil’ Kim.

“You’ll never mistake her for someone else - there is only one Suzanne Vega.” –

For sure – there is only one Suzanne Vega – and she is on her way to Bluesfest.