We all know that for the last 25 years, Bluesfest has been one of the best things to happen live music to Australia. We also know that one of the best things about Bluesfest is all the stuff we don’t yet know – it’s a goldmine for music lovers nationwide. This year, Australian Guitar Magazine is going to take you on a journey through the best that the festival has to offer – and all of the undiscovered musical gems hidden within. Get your Bluesfest knowledge up to date right here. Class is now in session!

It just doesn’t get any better than this! Making his Bluesfest début is the one and only Sam Beam, better known as his pen name, Iron & Wine  is coming to Bluesfest with his full band. It’s been far too long (over 6 years) since Sam has played in Australia and with a brilliant new record in toe, Ghost on Ghost, the timing couldn’t be better.

“Pop music hadn’t seen anything like it since the heyday of Cat Stevens,” —Rolling Stone

For many years Austin-based Iron & Wine has had an unaccompanied, singer and guitarist sound, however on this fifth studio album, an ambitious and fully realised mix has surfaced; borne from a collaboration of some truly talented musicians – where blue eyed soul melts into haunting folk.

Bearded before the ironically trendy masses, Sam has been creating some of the most engaging folk saturated pop around; brilliantly crafted, intricate melodies entwined with timeless stories whose meanings shift and change over the years. These songs have happily sat left-of-centre with a strong and passionate following, but this change in pace seems poised to explode if the press around the latest album is anything to go by;

“Ghost on Ghost insinuates itself into the listener’s consciousness like a film—one that demands to be watched over and over. Professor Beam has made his first art movie, and it’s a stunner.” —Uncut