We all know that for the last 25 years, Bluesfest has been one of the best things to happen live music to Australia. We also know that one of the best things about Bluesfest is all the stuff we don’t yet know – it’s a goldmine for music lovers nationwide. This year, Australian Guitar Magazine is going to take you on a journey through the best that the festival has to offer – and all of the undiscovered musical gems hidden within. Get your Bluesfest knowledge up to date right here. Class is now in session!

Boz gets the Bluesfest buzz.

“One of the masters of American music”-Mike Barnes,Hollywood Reporter

“Boz Scaggs proceeded to give a masterclass around – as he put it – the ‘musical map’.” – Chris Cobb, Ottawa Citizen 

A casual listen to the Grammy award-winning Boz Scaggs’ discography makes one thing obvious:  Boz Scaggs is both a musical seeker and a man of sizable talent as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. His explorations in blues and R&B, Rock and Jazz have produced lasting work and a career that has brought with it acclaim, a loyal following, and an enduring respect among musicians.

Boz Scaggs is ‘best known’ for his 1976 Album ‘Silk Degrees’ and the multi –platinum sales of songs like ‘Lido Shuffle’, ‘Lowdown’, ‘We’re All Alone’  but behind these mega hits lies an acclaimed body of work.  Songs like ‘Breakdown Dead Ahead’, ‘Jojo’ , ‘Miss Sun’, ‘Other Roads’ and ‘Look What You’ve Done To Me’( from the Urban Cowboy soundtrack ) have served to  endear him to a global audience.

His eponymous self-titled album back in ’69 saw Boz Scaggs working with the legendary Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section on an inherently blues album. An acclaimed album that featured the ‘slow-burn-to-high-heat’ track, ‘Loan Me a Dime’  helped in no small way by some insane lead guitar work from the ‘Sky Dog’ himself – Duane Allman.

Boz Scaggs career spans over 50 years: there’s school, uni and collaborations with Steve Miller( who rocked Bluesfest in 2013), 20 plus albums, a near 10 year hiatus from the industry, more collaborations with  the likes of Walter Becker, Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Phoebe Snow, David Paich and Jeff Pocaro (Toto) and, in recent times, more extensive touring – not only solo with his own crack band  – but also some wonderful tours as part of the Dukes Of September alongside Michael McDonald and Donald Fagen.

Now Boz Scaggs is back with his new album ‘Memphis’ (his first in 5 years) : “I had been thinking about a record that involved going back into my past and finding songs that match my style and my voice,” Scaggs says. With producer Steve Jordan (John Mayer:Continuum) and a crack band he puts a distinctive touch on classics like ‘Rainy Night in Georgia’‘CorinnaCorinna’ and ‘Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl’,  as well as on a couple of originals. Thirteen tracks were recorded in three days at Memphis’s landmark Royal Studios, where the late Willie Mitchell produced so many of Al Green’s and Anne Peebles’ legendary albums. And that feel is reflected across the whole album and especially in the songs like ‘So Good To Be Here’, ‘Gone Baby Gone’ and ‘Pearl Of The Quarter’.

One thing is for sure. His debut performance at Bluesfest is set to become the stuff that legends are born of.