I chatted with a neighbour recently about the free-to-air vs Foxtel Olympics TV coverage, and how a broadcaster can best try to show live events when so many things are going on at once.
So, as we await a probable flurry of new products claiming 4K status, it is time to examine the whole issue of this quadrupling (kinda) of what we can no longer call ‘full high definition’. Here are just some of the issues that will need to be considered.
We announced our Sound+Image Award-winners at our usual black-tie industry dinner, held for the first time in 23 years in Melbourne, at the Hotel Windsor.
I’ve finally got a clean 24/96 replay line through to the main hi-fi
So which is more likely to sway you in your TV buying decision - a smart TV, or a 3D TV?
The first-time experience of hi-fi’s ability to recreate the reality of a musical performance often hits people as an epiphany — a moment of realisation. Jez Ford shares his, and invites yours.
The annual CEDIA Awards, which form a substantial chunk of this special issue, show us what can be achieved, and some of the techniques and equipment the experts choose to achieve it.
I made a joke about 3D at last year’s Sound+Image Awards, which I shall repeat here, since I don’t remember anyone laughing at the time.
After last issue’s round-up of streaming devices and this issue’s collection of Superdocks, my poor home network must be quite exhausted from the number of tunes it has been slinging from room to room through the air and Ethernet.
So I’ve got my vinyl back up and running after an eight-month hiatus during home renovations. And lovely it is to slide some big black discs onto a chunky platter...
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