Love it or hate it, the Cloud-based platform for sharing and accessibility to data across devices from anywhere is here to stay
The globalisation of information continues to escalate
With the combined excellence of the InCar team’s and Paul Graham’s ears we listened, measured and evaluated the sound quality of the standard systems
The in-car electronics market is at the cusp of very exciting times.
Once again this year we present 2013’s Australian InCar Entertainment Awards.
It doesn’t seem like a whole year has gone since the first Car Audio Master’s Boot Camp.
As the cover alludes to we’re now a mature, yet young at heart, 20 years old. Yes, back in 1991 we were happily pushing our compact cassettes into the slot of the single-DIN head unit (either the very basic factory unit or the more advanced aftermarket one) and listening to such chart soarers as Bryan Adams’ Waking Up Neighbours (yikes!), and U2’s Achtung Baby while hits from Michael Jackson’s Dangerous dominated the air waves.
In this issue you’ll find that three of our nine reviews are on state-of-the-art speaker systems (we’ve been gradually increasing the number of gear reviews in general because, after all, that’s what we’re all about). For some reason speakers, in all their diversity, are favourite audio items for many enthusiasts.
The mobile electronics industry is at a point in its evolution where the challenges presented by technology and changing consumer behaviour trends are almost coercing a re-evaluation in attitude and approach to the in-car technology environment.
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