Scientists have discovered that although love may not be a drug, the joy of music certainly is...
It’s been really exciting for everyone here producing this issue, and we hope it’ll be an exciting read for you too! The primary cause of this excitement has been getting the Show Guide ready for you.
I don’t know about you, but I have given up going to noisy restaurants. You know the type I mean. They’re the ones where you can barely hear what the person who’s sitting alongside you is saying, much less whoever happens to be sitting across the table.
The old adage that ‘it pays to advertise’ will remain as true in the future as it has ever been.
It’s been a long, long time since Australia had a decent hi-fi show…
Just before we went to press Sony announced that it was discontinuing production of its Walkman cassette player in the same week that Panasonic said it would no longer make its Technics SL-1200 direct-drive turntable. One of these iconic audio products disappearing would be hard enough, but two in one week? The shock, the horror!
The Pedestrian Council of Australia wants the government to force manufacturers of headphones, portable music players and mobile phones to include warnings with their products of the risks consumers could run by using earphones.
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