It’s difficult to believe that there was a time when no-one knew what they sounded like, because although audio recording has been around for more than a century, few ‘ordinary’ people had access to sound recorders.
I have to take my hat off to all those hi-fi retailers who are still in business, because it’s a tough out there... so anyone who’s still in hi-fi retail in Australia is doing it because they love it.
As David Hannum said, ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’ so if you’re going to depend on someone else’s opinion about a piece of hi-fi equipment, do take the time to work out whether the opinion of that person is something you’d like to put any credence in.
You might be surprised to learn that I have real difficulty coming to terms with the concept of what the term ‘value for money’ might mean.
This month, I’m going to talk about music piracy, because this, too, has many ramifications. One Melbourne rock band was so upset about people ‘pirating’ their music that they released an album that could not be played at all, just so no-one could copy it!
For many audiophiles, buying overseas has become the norm, and most particularly where low-cost items are concerned.
Australian audio industry icon Neville Thiele OAM has died, aged 91.
Whinging Australians…and for good reason!
Moshe Adler looked at what makes a musician a ‘Superstar’ and discovered that whether people prefer one singer over another is not determined by how talented they are, but by their popularity.
To the satisfaction of everyone—showgoers, exhibitors and the promoter—the Melbourne Audio & AV Show was an outstanding success.
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