I bought a pair of ear-buds the other day. They sounded awful. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, because I paid only $12 for them. Why?
If you’re new to the audio world, you’ll probably be horrified to learn that back in the 70s, the maximum warranty period on any hi-fi component was one year
Have you ever been rick-rolled? I have…several times. I didn’t really find it funny, just confusing, because I had no idea I was the butt of an Internet joke.
If engineers are ruining the sound quality of the music before the final masters, why are we so concerned about the relative merits of DSD, PCM and the sound quality of our hi-fi equipment?
Listening sessions. What are they really for? Contrary to a belief that’s unfortunately gaining traction, a listening session is not so you can ‘discover new music’, listen to whatever’s trending at the time, or even to hear your favourite music played to its best advantage.
Crowd-funding hi-fi projects: What could possibly go wrong? Lots, actually, as has already been proved by other projects that have gone horribly awry...
It helps to think laterally before you start posting critiques on audio forums.
If you have any multi-disc CD sets where the CDs have been kept apart by thin slivers of foam they're probably unplayable, and you won't be able to replace them... even for hard cash...
I recently attended the launch of a yet another ‘me-too’ product attempting to out-Sonos Sonos that offered all the modern digital inputs you could want... but the demo made me want to rush out and buy a turntable...
It could only happen in the hi-fi business, which feeds on fads.
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