The wow and flutter that’s inherent in every turntable—no matter how good—might be a reason for the great sound heard when playing back LPs.
This year marks a significant milestone in the history of Australian Hi-Fi Magazine… and, indeed, in the history of audio publishing.
It is more than four years since I published an editorial in which I explained why most of the so-called ‘hi-res’ music available is not ‘hi-res’ at all, but rather a complete waste of your money and Internet bandwidth. The bad news? Nothing's changed...
Can you really trust your ears to tell you the truth? I’m sorry, but the answer is no.
Ten per cent of headphone users listen at volume levels that will result in either short-term or permanent damage to their hearing.
Despite having exposed dodgy reviews of audio components on various audio websites over the years, I find that I am often ‘sucked in’ by false and misleading ‘reviews’ when I am looking at websites that have nothing at all to do with audio...
It’s always been easy to start a fight in an audiophile bar, pretty much from back when Edison invented the phonograph. The most recent pugilist is Bob Stuart's MQA...
The recent closure of Canadian manufacturer Classé Audio, which had been owned by B&W since 2001, seems to have been the result of B&W being purchased in 2016 by EVA Automation.
I have written in this space previously about the dangers of crowd-funding, with a focus on audio products. Since then, many more crowd-funded audio products have not been delivered, or delivery has been substantially delayed, sometimes by up to two years.
I am always disappointed when I read misinformation on the internet. Firstly because it is misinformation, and the more of it there is on the internet, the less useful the internet becomes. Secondly because of the number of people who will be deceived by this information and make poor decisions (including purchasing decisions) as a result.
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