It's only packaging. But it is very nice packaging.
Playing a vinyl record has its rituals, and so does shooting with film.
Most new products were announced before Photokina this year... but it was still the first chance to get hands-on
The Editor considers the question of size...
Cameras have never merely been commodities. There’s always been an emotional element, but it needs to be nurtured and the brands that do this best will win the day.
It’s probably coincidental but very fortuitous that Fujifilm always seems to announce a significant new camera at around the time I’m heading off for the annual TIPA Awards judging.
If you let enough $60 sales slip through your fingers in a week it must surely impact on your profitability.
It’s still true that any photographer won’t become a videographer – actually the preferred term among the pros is apparently ‘cinematographer’
Can things get any more exciting in photography than they are now? We’ve been spoiled with a deluge of fabulous new cameras, quite a number being highly innovative in design and just a taste of what’s probably to come.
Every so often I like to take the pulse of film photography in the light of the fact that its death has been apparently a certainty for at least the last ten years. I still keep hearing these claims, but frankly they’re becoming steadily more ridiculous in the light of what’s really happening.
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