About Us

nextmedia AV Group comprises Australia's leading specialist technology titles - created by Australians, for Australians. Market-leading magazines include Australian Camera, ProPhoto, Australian Hi-Fi, Sound+Image, Australian InCar, Australian Guitar, Best Buys Audio & AV, Audio Esoterica.

The AV Group prides itself on high-quality editorial created by the country's leading technical writers. Where some competing titles buy in the bulk of their editorial content from overseas publications, nextmedia AV titles comprise entirely locally-generated content. A top-notch team of design, editorial, advertising and production staff create outstanding publications renowned for their close relationship with a dedicated readership.

AVHub.com.au brings the nextmedia AV titles together under a single overarching website, presenting the magazines to a new global audience and supporting our existing readers with news feeds, interactive content, competitions and extensive samples of our celebrated reviews, profiles and features. Who Sells What brings Australia's most comprehensive listing of AV and in-car manufacturers and distributors to the internet.


About nextmedia

nextmedia now publishes over 30 leading special interest publications plus related websites, forums, books, DVDs and posters. nextmedia titles include:

Aero Australia, Artist Profile, Australian Guitar, Australian Hi-Fi, Australian Muscle Car, Bluewater, Blunt, Camera, Girl Power, Golf Australia, Australian Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Hi-Fi Living, InCar Entertainment, Inside Sport, Little Angel, Mad, Mad Classics, Mania, Motor Racing Australia, Old Bike, PC PowerPlay, ProPhoto, Soap World, Tracks, TV Soap, V8 Supercars and V8 Bathurst. For more visit www.nextmedia.com.au