AVHubhttp://www.avhub.com.auAVHubCopyright 2018 nextmedia Pty. Ltd.Wed, 25 Apr 2018 08:59:47 +100010Focal FPX 5.1200 amplifier REVIEWThe new FPX range looks absolutely stunning, and comes with power to match. http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/focal-fpx-51200-amplifier-review-478033Tue, 21 Nov 2017 09:21:00 +1000Alpine iLX-107 CarPlay head unit REVIEWClearly the Alpine iLX-107 CarPlay head unit is only for iPhone people. But if you’re one of them, it ought to thoroughly delight.http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/alpine-ilx-107-carplay-head-unit-review-478030Tue, 21 Nov 2017 09:06:00 +1000Helix H 400X amplifier REVIEWA multichannel prodigy delivering a truly musical experience.http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/helix-h-400x-amplifier-review-478028Tue, 21 Nov 2017 08:56:00 +1000Nonda Zus smart car charger REVIEWDeceptive little device, the Nonda Zus. It looks like an in-car USB charger, and it is. But rather a lot more, as well.http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/nonda-zus-smart-car-charger-review-478026Tue, 21 Nov 2017 08:47:00 +1000Transcend DrivePro 230 dashcam REVIEWThe DrivePro 230 ticks the essential boxes of reliability, fit and forget operation, and a good level of versatility, as well as improving clarity with a new sensor.http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/transcend-drivepro-230-dashcam-review-478022Tue, 21 Nov 2017 08:08:00 +1000Philips CED1910BT multimedia head unit REVIEWPlenty of features and connectivity here from Philips, but in particular a natural presentation which lets the music flood out. http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/philips-ced1910bt-multimedia-head-unit-review-472575Tue, 5 Sep 2017 13:45:00 +1000Alpine X-S69C 2-way component speakers REVIEWWe review the top model in the company’s X Series range of speakers, with oval nano-fibre woofer cones, no less.http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/alpine-x-s69c-2-way-component-speakers-review-472574Tue, 5 Sep 2017 13:39:00 +1000Navdy NVD100-EN Interactive Display Module REVIEWSomething genuinely new — a Head Up Display for far more than navigation, with gesture and voice control. It’s a wow moment.http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/navdy-nvd100-en-interactive-display-module-review-472573Tue, 5 Sep 2017 13:32:00 +1000Clarion VX807AU multimedia head unit REVIEWEven come the day we’re all streaming wirelessly via surgical implants, the Clarion VX807AU will be remembered for the solidity of its build and the quality of its sound.http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/clarion-vx807au-multimedia-head-unit-review-472572Tue, 5 Sep 2017 13:22:00 +1000Cerwin Vega B51 incar amplifier REVIEWIt’s the monoblock from Cerwin Vega’s esteemed new Stealth Bomber series — smart-looking, compact, and a bargain.http://www.avhub.com.au/product-reviews/incar/cerwin-vega-b51-incar-amplifier-review-472569Tue, 5 Sep 2017 13:10:00 +1000