AVHubhttp://www.avhub.com.auAVHubCopyright 2018 nextmedia Pty. Ltd.Fri, 23 Feb 2018 09:25:46 +100010Pioneer Z Series car speakers - high tech & high-resNew materials and high-res performance combine in Pioneer's Z series of automotive speakers.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/pioneer-z-series-car-speakers---high-tech-high-res-485445Mon, 19 Feb 2018 09:41:00 +1000Alpine's X-Series goes PremiumAlpine's all-new X-Premium Series introduces new materials and designs for high-res-capable performance.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/alpines-x-series-goes-premium-484197Thu, 1 Feb 2018 09:28:00 +1000IT'S FREE! The Awards issue of Australian Incar magazineThe entire new Awards issue of AUSTRALIAN INCAR magazine can be read for free, right here. Just click. Easy.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/its-free-the-awards-issue-of-australian-incar-magazine-480421Sat, 30 Dec 2017 12:07:00 +1000IT'S FREE! Issue #5-2017 of Australian Incar magazineThe entire new 5#2017 issue of AUSTRALIAN INCAR magazine can be read for free, right here. Just click. Easy.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/its-free-issue-5-2017-of-australian-incar-magazine-478039Tue, 21 Nov 2017 10:11:00 +1000Sculpting Focal soundIf you’ve invested in some fine Focal hardware for your vehicular entertainment, you’ll be wanting to ensure it’s working to its fullest capability.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/sculpting-focal-sound-476305Mon, 30 Oct 2017 09:06:00 +1000Alpine's platform-agnostic INE-W977ACarPlay with Siri, Android Auto with voice control, premium navigation with off-road and 3D capabilities PLUS muchos entertainment with effective audio tuning, all in a 1-DIN with 7-inch touchscreen.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/alpines-platform-agnostic-ine-w977a-476304Fri, 27 Oct 2017 08:16:00 +1000Chasing the OLED tailMercedes ripples red OLEDs on the new S-Class models.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/chasing-the-oled-tail-474956Mon, 9 Oct 2017 08:06:00 +1000New tech plates to customise your rideOff-roaders and tech heads can choose from some stylish new plates to customise their ride, with the latest releases from myPlates.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/new-tech-plates-to-customise-your-ride-474516Tue, 3 Oct 2017 07:32:00 +1000What is what3words?It’s a bizarre notion for navigation – let’s get rid of street addresses. Instead, we’ll name everywhere on Earth with three words. Crazy? Not according to Mercedes Benz.http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/what-is-what3words-474375Fri, 29 Sep 2017 07:33:00 +1000Street Outlaws at SummernatsSummernats 31 is revving up with news that the 'Street Outlaws' Discovery Show will this year be burning out with the best of the Aussies in Canberra this January. http://www.avhub.com.au/news/incar/street-outlaws-at-summernats-474026Mon, 25 Sep 2017 07:52:00 +1000