High sensitivity, energetically good value sound.
Rock-solid at $499, these headphones are NOT just for DJs...
A closed design that makes good choices for enjoyable listening.
Designed for studio and pro use as well as on the streets, Focal has kept things applaudably flat.
Exceptional at the price - three stars for sound, but five for value.
B&W delivers a fine range-topper in the over-ear P7 headphone
Great sound, loads of buttons, and a slightly annoying voice in your head
Yes, they’re chunky — but the comfort and size issues are the only negatives we can level at the PSB M4U 2s. They sound fantastic, while the three completely different operational modes make them a multipurpose performer for home or away.
Try this Four model in quiet environments, perhaps, but stick with the One+ if you need to be heard over background.
The balance is great for the price, and a penchant for sports/jogging use may be indicated by the absurdly short cable.
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