The treble has been carefully kept sweet but mild, its openness assisted by the semi-open headshell design.
We just don’t understand the sonic choices here, particularly when other AKG designs have ranked among our all-time favourites.
Marvellously enjoyable sound quality for the price
Reasonable value for those who are forever stuck on noisy public transport commutes, then, but perhaps not a pair likely to please the picky at home.
A very hi-fi sound, while high sensitivity means masses of available volume on tap.
KEF's first ever head-borne musicmakers took them straight to award-winning status
AKG's K495 NC noise-cancelling headphones - we gave them an award, here's the review
High sensitivity, energetically good value sound.
Rock-solid at $499, these headphones are NOT just for DJs...
A closed design that makes good choices for enjoyable listening.
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