An organic musical flow, an immersion and complete engagement in a musical event.
Gorgeous both in aesthetic terms and for their neutral and highly engaging performance. Just try that headband for fit.
Sonically, this seems a presentation that should please many, with just a notch more bass than flat-loving purists might request.
The best-sounding noise cancelling headphones we've heard.
The presentation of the SR-207s with the accompanying amp is uniquely airy, open, detailed and stunning in its portrayal of the soundstage.
If in sudden need of a temporary solution, at an airport, say, keep these in mind.
A great idea, successfully delivered - a closed design that sounds open!
The price is astonishing for a product like this; we expected there to be another $100 or more on the RRP.
We fear the Bennett tag may put off as many potential purchasers as it attracts. Be not afraid; you can always wear them with an ironic smile.
As good as anything we’ve heard for $100, the PX-100 II is a classic design, with classic performance.
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