These high-tech Australian-designed in-ear monitors come from a team with musical roots. It shows.
Electrostatic speakers to hang on your head, with balanced cables and a dedicated Class-A driver. It’s all rather delightful.
We end up recommending these for Bluetooth use at home and wired use on the road to enjoy best performance from these headphones.
Sennheiser maintains its lead in home wireless headphones with the marvellous RS 185.
A strong performer, with a rich and real sound balance that will delight listeners across multiple genres.
With all the options — wired, wireless, USB, and active noise-cancellation — this really is a Symphony of talents.
It’s not hard to make a wish-list for a pair of Bluetooth headphones - Bowers & Wilkins doesn’t put a foot (or an ear) wrong with this P5 Wireless.
An organic musical flow, an immersion and complete engagement in a musical event.
Gorgeous both in aesthetic terms and for their neutral and highly engaging performance. Just try that headband for fit.
Sonically, this seems a presentation that should please many, with just a notch more bass than flat-loving purists might request.
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