Meridian’s portable Explorer2 DAC (digital-to-analogue converter takes the USB output from your computer and delivers far better sound at home or on the go.
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The SH7 offers not only the usual soundbar functions but also wireless music streaming and app control too, though its musical performance wasn't the best.
Bose combines Bluetooth with noise-cancelling — great, except you can’t turn it off.
Sennheiser’s Bluetooth noise-cancellers talk to you and let you mess with the sound in a great many ways. Why did they do that?
Sony’s Bluetooth noise-cancellers are up at $699, but they get nearly everything right.
High-resolution portable players have proven their worth both on the move and as handy DACs when at home. Here’s one that also does things a little differently.
Unusual planar-magnetic lows with thrilling highs — HiFiMan delivers a superb headphone, and one happy to play even from portable sources.
Samsung was first to market in Australia with Ultra High Definition Blu-ray, heralding a new generation of video disc. Are we delighted? Of course we are.
Sennheiser’s $2599.95 HE 800 S headphones driven by a $2799.95 dedicated amplifier. ‘Crafted for perfection’, they say. Sheer magnificence?
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