A tiny little DAC and headphone amp, designed to give you decent sound from smartphones. Which it does, extremely well.
At the asking price of $4999, this is really quite the bargain. Regular Blu-ray looks top notch, and Ultra-HD Blu-ray steps into near virtual reality.
Chromecast, Fireconnect and all manner of new media abilities add versatility to Pioneer’s well-priced Atmos-equipped receiver.
It's our award-winning receiver over $2000 - but does Yamaha’s latest range-topping Aventage receiver go further than its predecessors?
A new 10-driver wireless speaker, on a new multiroom platform called WAND.What does Riva’s Festival series offer to raise it above the competition?
No visible stand. No visible speakers. Just 65 inches of stunning OLED picture. Is Sony’s A1 now the world’s best television?
Take a design classic and swap out its 15-inch woofers for three-inchers, while shrinking the whole thing to 30cm high. It can’t work, right?
All the winners of the 2018 Sound+Image Awards.
A fine-looking TV producing a good quality picture, and boasting very good smart features, at very reasonable price.
A classic is reborn, and its original prowess has not wearied with the passing years.
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