At last LG has released an uncurved OLED TV model — and oh what a TV it is.
Sony has had several years lacking competition on 4K/UHD front projectors, and the VPL-VW520ES sets an extremely high standard for newcomers to reach.
Confirming the evolution of the soundbar by real hi-fi companies, Arcam has a high-quality pairing here, worthy of the company name.
An impressive picture at this price, with some well thought-out features such as the cowling over the cable bay and an extra HDMI input for PC sticks.
The new top-of-the-line model in Yamaha’s long line of Digital Sound Projectors, including Atmos height channels and MusicCast multiroom abilities.
A succinct example of the modern speaker designers’ art, a statement showing that KEF the company remains a foundry for exceptional engineering.
With the Epicon 6, DALI has achieved a remarkably detailed, transparent and dynamically lively speaker, beautifully styled and finished.
From our group test of noise-cancelling headphones this issue, the Philips designs lack executive appeal, but are usefully small, nicely balanced and affordable.
From our group test of noise-cancelling headphones this issue, beautiful sounds from these Audio-Technicas.
Dynaudio has delivered two ranges of true hi-fi speakers that are thoroughly modern in being wireless, high-res capable, and active.
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