The UK's Q Acoustics proves that focusing on sound is, funnily enough, a sensible strategy for a soundbar under $1000.
Zappiti comes along and defines a whole new segment for the modern world of entertainment — a ripper, storage and a player for your movie collection.
One well-built, versatile and fine-sounding headphone amplifier and DAC.
Regardless of size, even of brand, we reckon you won't find better sound for the price than that available from the Dynaudio Contour 20 speakers.
Flawless and intuitive operation, intelligent networking, a solution for high-res storage, CD ipping, and serving all that music in a great many ways.
What the Denon AVR-X1300W provides as an entry-level AV receiver is extraordinary, with excellent features and fine performance at the price.
Can the choice of wireless over wired be implemented on a surround speaker package without loss of quality? The Klipsch Reference Premiere HD system shows that it can.
Meridian’s portable Explorer2 DAC (digital-to-analogue converter takes the USB output from your computer and delivers far better sound at home or on the go.
All our winners in our 2017 Awards, and a micro-site also listing winners from the last decade. Get our complete digital issue for write-ups on every winner!
The SH7 offers not only the usual soundbar functions but also wireless music streaming and app control too, though its musical performance wasn't the best.
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