Sennheiser’s successor to the HD 650 home headphone throws your musical windows wide open.
Choices, choices. Sony hits a nice price by selecting the right features for its AV receiver.
Panasonic’s double-award-winning UHD Blu-ray player... and why it’s just what the UHD Blu-ray format needs.
Any colour you like, as Floyd said, then you can stick it flat on your wall and enjoy Micromega’s unique vision for on modern amplifier design...
Questyle’s latest premium portable high-res player can also be used with a Home Hi-Fi Hub, docking it for use with a home system.
How high can you go? Whether you’re talking soundfield height, or the heights of quality, this Trinnov combo has you covered.
Smart design and high output valves deliver thrilling sounds from this ‘Special Edition’ German amplifier.
This combination from Bowers and Wilkins’ 700 Series is a serious delight for both stereo and surround music. The system isn’t cheap, but we doubt you’ll get better sound for the money.
Sony’s latest “Home Audio System” under its ‘Muteki’ line, tagged “Ultimate Powerful Sound (Soul shaking sound)” and “Massive design”. Yes, well.
BenQ’s W1700 breaks the pricing paradigm for UHD projection with some very ‘flash’ new technology...
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