Ricoh is addressing one of the biggest issues keeping digital compacts off the radar for professionals – the limited dynamic range of very small sensors.
Real innovations are reasonably rare in the world of studio flash equipment but Profoto has redesigned the monobloc with its new-generation D1 series. Report by Paul Burrows.
Combining the extreme protection of a hard case with the portability of a backpack the Italian-made HPRC 3500 makes a lot of sense if you’re carrying camera gear into challenging environments.
The digital compact camera market is more fiercely competitive than ever but Ricoh had carved out a nice little niche for itself with models aimed primarily at enthusiasts and pros. Report by Paul Burrows.
Now largely a German venture Hartblei has gone to Zeiss to make the optics for its ingenious 360-degree rotating tilt/shift lenses for 35mm SLR/D-SLR systems.
Advances in inkjet printing may be becoming more incremental than monumental but there’s still a need to remain competitive hence Canon’s upgrade of its pro-level A3+ model. Report by Trevern Dawes.
The ‘independents’ offer some interesting alternatives to the standard zoom and Sigma has made its 17-70mm model even more appealing by adding optical stabilisation. Report by Paul Burrows.
Samsung is expecting big things of its ‘APS-C’ format interchangeable lens compact and aggressive pricing is going to help along with having a bigger sensor than the Micro Four Thirds models. Report by Paul Burrows.
You’d think Photoshop could now do everything that’s asked of it but onOne says its plug-ins are as much about making these capabilities more accessible as about expanding them. Report by Paul Burrows.
A reformulated Lucia inkset and new print heads give Canon’s new 24-inch format inkjet printer the potential for formidable imaging performance. Report by Trevern Dawes.
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