Nikon has upgraded or revised every key element of its pro-level D-SLR, so is it a dream machine or a dinosaur? Regardless, the new autofocus system is a revelation.
Epson’s gloss-orientated R2000 has gained a loyal following and it now gets the ‘SureColor’ makeover with some refinements to keep it competitive.
BenQ's displays are well-known, but the company is now also making photo monitors. Its 27-inch SW Series panel was good enough to win a 2016 TIPA Award.
Beautifully built, the Audio Technica AT-LP5 screams ‘bargain’ from the rooftops…
The D5 is Nikon’s most accomplished D-SLR to date, but is it enough to stop pros contemplating a mirrorless camera for their next upgrade?
As a rule, soundbars don’t do music well, and they’re often ugly or messy to connect. Apparently Definitive Technology missed the memo.
BenQ rises up the projector market with a model that has interestingly interchangeable lenses and a thoroughly enjoyable performance.
The McIntosh MCT450 SACD/CD transport and D150 digital preamp bring together the very highest levels of high fidelity and reliable, feature-laden delivery.
The Sunfire XTEQ 12 still managed to surprise me with its size, its performance for that size, the accuracy of its automated calibration circuitry and the simplicity of that circuitry’s operation.
The Mu-so Qb retains the wide abilities of the larger Mu-so, while shrinking its form with remarkably little trade-off in reduced sonic sophistication.
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