From South Australia comes this latest edition of the Krix Seismix 3 subwoofer. Version 5 won one of our 2010 awards — does the latest iteration deliver similar depths?
If you’re looking for big sound from a pair of bookshelf speakers, it doesn’t come any bigger than from the Krix Acoustix Mk2.
It’s not powerful, it’s not impressively large, it’s not pretty, it’s not particularly well-built, it has only four line level inputs and no phono stage. But...
G5n remains one of the most useful, best value, easy-to-use devices you’ll find. Great sounds, well thought out and it looks really cool, too.
Vox create a great forward-thinking guitar 
in the Starstream which would suit gigging musicians who require acoustic and electric guitar sounds.
The one thing going for this phone when it comes to music listening is the DAB+ tuner
The minute any hi-fi reviewer states in their review that they will be buying the component they’re reviewing, the conclusion is already foregone…
436 minutes of very interesting TV, delivered on Blu-ray in full high definition.
The original Ghostbusters, released on UHD (*4K) Blu-ray, gives us a hint as to what other older titles might look like on this new format.
Clarion’s FDS combines the utmost in versatility with a simple and intuitive human interface.
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