What happens when you take KEF’s 50th anniversary LS50 speakers, build in generous amplification and add wireless connectivity?
You decide on the bling. For sonics, they’re fair value.
This system brings soundbars back into a proper home cinema space, with real rears and bounced Atmos height channels.
Quality, power and price - you can normally pick only two out of three. Diamond Audio nails all three here, with aplomb.
A soundbar we'd recommend primarily for movies and TV, especially if you’re already using Yamaha’s MusicCast system elsewhere in the home.
Solid performance for everything up to UHD (we used Sony’s new UHD Blu-ray player with it), plus Chromecast Audio along with DLNA and Apple AirPlay.
We loved the nova150's combination of power and precision, and its ability to cleverly combine today’s digital sources with those analogue originals.
A truly audiophile result with this modernly-equipped receiver. Control of loudspeakers was simply first-class.
The DAC2.7 is as high-res as they come, has more features on board than most DACs, and is better built than nearly all of them.
British tradition meets British innovation in a quirky but quality box which proved smart in more ways than one.
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