Guitar amps just seem to be getting smaller and smaller, but often enough great tube performance and tone can be squeezed into a tiny package.
The Sydney Morning Herald’s hi-fi columnist, Rod Easdown, says that Richter’s Wizard is the biggest-selling Australian speaker in history
Its performance as an integrated amplifier is exceptionally good, plus you’re also getting a brilliant on-board DAC into the bargain.
They’ll outperform any other similarly-priced small speakers I’ve ever heard, which makes them outstanding value for money...
Profoto takes the convenience of auto flash exposure control into the studio as its updated D Series monoblocs get both wireless TTL and high speed sync.
I was really excited by this amplifier. It has all the features I want in an amp and all the performance I demand...
All our winners in our 2017 Awards, and a micro-site also listing winners from the last decade. Get our complete digital issue for write-ups on every winner!
The SH7 offers not only the usual soundbar functions but also wireless music streaming and app control too, though its musical performance wasn't the best.
How do you make a tuner more sexy? JVB has the answer via some handy additional features.
Tully Mansfield gets his paws around a modern Aussie classic.
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