Alpine's best 8-inch head unit has a comprehensive features list including the latest Primo 3.0 NextGen navigation and in-built DAB+ digital radio.
Designed as the supporting amplification for Sony's hi-res audio in-car sources, the XM-GS4 sports substantial technology at an affordable price.
From British company Vibe Audio come these new high-end CVEN splits with promising engineering and driver quality.
The Parasound Halo is an excellent amplifier, but it’s also an excellent phono stage, an excellent headphone amplifier, and an excellent DAC plus...
The Krix Neuphonix MkIIs are truly superb high-fidelity speakers that would be a great choice for any room, small or large, and for any style of music.
Krix’s new Volcanix is a superb subwoofer that will work perfectly across a wide range of applications
Amongst the most satisfying speakers I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing for quite some time.
From South Australia comes this latest edition of the Krix Seismix 3 subwoofer. Version 5 won one of our 2010 awards — does the latest iteration deliver similar depths?
If you’re looking for big sound from a pair of bookshelf speakers, it doesn’t come any bigger than from the Krix Acoustix Mk2.
It’s not powerful, it’s not impressively large, it’s not pretty, it’s not particularly well-built, it has only four line level inputs and no phono stage. But...
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