Enormously powerful, very quiet and with a sound quality so tonally accurate that it’s a constant delight to the ears
The Telecaster Deluxe is something of an indie baby, AND Fender just made it even better.
The good news is that a pair of B&W 802 D3s is going to cost you a whole lot less than a Steinway
Rare to find a sealed subwoofer at this price-point and equally rare to find one such a room-friendly (and partner-friendly!) size
If your loudspeakers are of reasonable sensitivity, the Marantz NR1607 recommends itself as a well-priced, highly capable and neat AV receiver.
The BP9060 speakers diverge from the norm, depending on how wide you consider the ‘norm’ to be, in three ways, perhaps four.
If you love radio as background for work or home, the R1 has a perfect sound. But the quality also encourages and rewards more critical listening.
By underpricing the equivalent size of OLED, Panasonic's TH-65D900U TV lay claim to be the best value high-performance television on the market today.
Andrew Jones' debut for Elac has pulled off a range of extremely attractive speakers both in terms of design and sonics.
A beautifully-engineered amplifier that combines great sound quality with high power output and ‘sultry’ looks.
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