Fine little speakers, with an excellent set of inputs for versatility, and truly hi-fi performance available.
Limitations on direct input use when paired, but otherwise the paired Klipsches proved impressive for their size and price.
The original AktiMates were a bold concept as well as an excellent performer. The latest versions still show their quality and value.
Part of our wireless speakers group test, we loved the little Ruarks - stylish and friendly, and sounding larger than they look.
Plenty of features and connectivity here from Philips, but in particular a natural presentation which lets the music flood out.
We review the top model in the company’s X Series range of speakers, with oval nano-fibre woofer cones, no less.
Something genuinely new — a Head Up Display for far more than navigation, with gesture and voice control. It’s a wow moment.
Even come the day we’re all streaming wirelessly via surgical implants, the Clarion VX807AU will be remembered for the solidity of its build and the quality of its sound.
It’s the monoblock from Cerwin Vega’s esteemed new Stealth Bomber series — smart-looking, compact, and a bargain.
Want to make great sounding live recordings but don’t have the Rolling Stones’ mobile recording truck in your back pocket? By Peter Hodgson
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