Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds gets the Flying V of his dreams.
Image Dynamics has taken its award winning IDMAX platform and evolved it to a level many thought unachievable at this price point.
A serious little powerhouse which blends superb subsonic qualities with considerable force.
Sony has entered the Ultra HD Blu-ray Player fray with a quite economical unit, the UBP-X800 Ultra Blu-ray player.
Hey, it's just a set of strings! Right?
The Debut B6 is a glorious stand-mount speaker that meets the mandate of wringing the best possible performance from a small, inexpensive bookshelf design.
You have a magnificent blend, right there, all ingredients fused, in the essence of the superb Bryston 14B³
A work of art: a device hand-made in Germany from the finest materials, with an exterior finish unlike any other and a sound quality that is unfailingly pure, clean and natural.
So long as you don’t insist on DSD capabilities, this is a first class portable DAC.
It has the pedigree, the performance, the power and a totally realistic price.
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