The one thing going for this phone when it comes to music listening is the DAB+ tuner
The minute any hi-fi reviewer states in their review that they will be buying the component they’re reviewing, the conclusion is already foregone…
436 minutes of very interesting TV, delivered on Blu-ray in full high definition.
The original Ghostbusters, released on UHD (*4K) Blu-ray, gives us a hint as to what other older titles might look like on this new format.
Clarion’s FDS combines the utmost in versatility with a simple and intuitive human interface.
Kenwood’s new receiver is the ultimate workhorse - feature-packed, sounds terrific, and presents superbly.
Bogner amps are often the pride and joy of top-end recording studios, and Peter Hodgson finds out why.
The Emit M30 is the lowest-priced floorstander Dynaudio has ever had - but you know it’s not a 'budget' design from the minute you start listening…
Nikon has upgraded or revised every key element of its pro-level D-SLR, so is it a dream machine or a dinosaur? Regardless, the new autofocus system is a revelation.
Epson’s gloss-orientated R2000 has gained a loyal following and it now gets the ‘SureColor’ makeover with some refinements to keep it competitive.
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