Fender’s latest foray into amp modelling is their most accurate and player-friendly yet.
An impressive attempt to fit virtually all gig production gear into 4RU spaces.
Gibson finely tweaks one of its coolest recent SG models.
DIY binaural recording - for under $500. Our 24-bit audio recordings made with the AMBEO Smart Headset via Apogee were sensational.
Strings that don’t break? You’re kidding.
Fender revamps its classic design with upgraded features, new models and a decent amount of lefties.
Neat and clever, the Fayola’s HDMI inputs and prowess on soundtracks make this a great TV audio solution compared with most soundbars and bases.
Meet a sonically rich classic.
Charvel’s take on the Tele is something glorious to behold. Here are three fine – and very different – examples.
A guitar designed to be comfortable for female players and sonically flexible. And to look like a sparkle explosion.
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