Could this be the sweet design spot for the modern equivalent of an ‘all in one’ sound system?
Already an absolute gem of a camera, Olympus has made its entry-level OM-D model even more enticing with a restyled design that’s pure OM in spirit.
Paying homage to the half-frame camera that established Olympus’s reputation, the PEN-F is big on both looks and capabilities.
SACD players give higher-resolution playback of ordinary CDs than standard CD players: strange but true!
Chinese company Godox shows the way ahead in speedlight design, dumping fiddly sets of AA-size batteries for a powerful lithium-ion power pack.
Profoto’s B2 combine elements of a speedlight on-camera flash system with those of an on-location studio flash system.
Elinchrom continues to refine its portable studio flash products. This Quadra battery-powered location pack is the most compact and capable yet.
I was starting to ignore the turntable and cartridge and concentrate on the recordings—and this is what hi-fi should do!
Bryston's new ‘Cubed’ series amplification oozes longevity—the handcrafted 14B³ on review here is built like a tank...
A compact and tech-strong dashcam delivering good results including GPS information and app connection by Wi-Fi.
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