The McIntosh MCT450 SACD/CD transport and D150 digital preamp bring together the very highest levels of high fidelity and reliable, feature-laden delivery.
The Sunfire XTEQ 12 still managed to surprise me with its size, its performance for that size, the accuracy of its automated calibration circuitry and the simplicity of that circuitry’s operation.
The Mu-so Qb retains the wide abilities of the larger Mu-so, while shrinking its form with remarkably little trade-off in reduced sonic sophistication.
Could this be the sweet design spot for the modern equivalent of an ‘all in one’ sound system?
Already an absolute gem of a camera, Olympus has made its entry-level OM-D model even more enticing with a restyled design that’s pure OM in spirit.
Paying homage to the half-frame camera that established Olympus’s reputation, the PEN-F is big on both looks and capabilities.
SACD players give higher-resolution playback of ordinary CDs than standard CD players: strange but true!
Chinese company Godox shows the way ahead in speedlight design, dumping fiddly sets of AA-size batteries for a powerful lithium-ion power pack.
Profoto’s B2 combine elements of a speedlight on-camera flash system with those of an on-location studio flash system.
Elinchrom continues to refine its portable studio flash products. This Quadra battery-powered location pack is the most compact and capable yet.
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