If we love our vinyl so much, why not watch it while it’s playing? Eh voila, a vertical turntable, hot from Kickstarter to the open market. But does it work?
We were astounded by the Auralic Aries Mini. It does more than anything else we’ve tested near this price, and does it well.
Well-built, well-designed, sounds great using either filter setting (but for me, sounds better in the ‘Slow’ setting) and has a decent swathe of features.
If you’re truly serious about your print, Canon's pro-grade A2 printerbalances high performance with comparative affordability and prosumer usability.
They have distinct limits, but Edifier clearly knows how to make some good cost-versus-sound decisions.
From its in-depth navigation suite through to its absolutely superb sound quality, the Zenec proved an extraordinary combination for the price.
A magnificent piece of audio ingenuity like this would have cost plenty back in ‘the good old days’. Terrific value and performance.
Ever wanted a famous classic tube amp, but can’t afford one? The Kemper amp allows you to record or download any amp’s tone.
Planar magnetic headphones which deliver the beauty of planar sound without the spill.
Australian-based Audiofly delivers its first over-ear headphones. They’re a bargain.
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